Press Management provides services across the investment management community, with specialization in helping startup Hedge Funds, PE firms, Venture firms, and Family Offices.

Providing insight and guidance across all business areas, including:

  • Company formation, including management company entities, fund entities, and other required entity structures 
  • Definition of critical terms with regard to fees, liquidity, gates, side letters, seed terms, and related negotiations
  • PB selection including fees and terms
  • Selecting vendors such as technology providers, accountants, lawyers, and administrators
  • Staffing the business, including interviewing and compensation
  • Building proper governance to manage situations with multiple founding partners
  • Succession planning
  • Compensation plans
  • Creation of equity plans and franchise value for the firm and its owners
  • Development of new business plans and strategies to grow and build the firm
  • Operational and compliance reviews and evaluation
  • Evaluation of disaster recovery program
  • Development of risk assessment needs and implementation of systems to support risk management and risk mitigation
  • Planning for a key man event
  • Crisis management
  • Estate and tax planning for the firm, founders, and partners
  • Many other important aspects to help build a first-in-class organization based upon the culture and desires of the founding partner or partners

Non-operating services including:

  • Expert witness and strategist for the defense of financial firms including hedge funds, private equity firms, venture firms, independent registered advisors, banks, and broker dealers
  • Specialist in personal and business divorces for financial services executives either as an expert witness or strategist along with valuation insights

Family office services including:

  • Creation of family office
  • Tax structuring
  • Systems and technology selection
  • Hiring and compensation of personnel including the execution of appropriate legal documents to ensure confidentiality of information
  • Establishment of reporting and monitoring systems to control and document all assets and liabilities
  • Review relevant estate needs for the family